Grant No. 22120015 from the International Visegrad Fund

Special Session and Workshop
on Seminar of Track Management STRAHOS

13 and 14 October 2022. Poprad, Slovakia

The STRAHOS track management seminar has a long-time tradition. Experts from different professions in research, service, maintenance, and management of rail infrastructure and rail transport will meet to present and discuss the results of their professional and research activities in October 2022 for the 19th time.

The grant of the Visegrad Fund should aim to support cooperation at the international level between participating universities, universities, and companies of managers of railway infrastructure and railway transport. The result will be the extension of the STRAHOS seminar program with a Special Session on 'New Railway Structures' and a Workshop on 'Research Activities of Young Researchers in Railways'.

Except for the primary outputs: live presentations and the proceedings of the seminar, the activities will be aimed at launching and developing research activities in the field of railway infrastructure structures and publishing the research results of participating universities in important scientific journals of each participant country.

The project activities will thus positively influence the diversity and scope of scientific research and educational activities at the universities participating in the project and will contribute to strengthening awareness of the legislation, development, and technical solutions for planning, designing, and managing railway infrastructure in the participating countries. Together they will help to specify the tasks given so far in the V4 area defined at the level of top management of each railway infrastructure administration.

 special session

Project coordinator

University of Žilina,
Faculty of Civil Engineering, Slovakia

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Project participants

Silesian University of Technology,
Faculty of Transport and Aviation Engineering, Poland (Aleksander Sładkowski, prof., DSc., mult. dr.h.c. & prof.h.c.)

 Silesian University of Technology

Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction,
Transport Faculty, Azerbaijan (Isa Muradov, MSc.)

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Brno University of Technology,
Faculty of Civil Engineering, Czech Republic (Richard Svoboda, Ing. Ph. D.)

Brno University of Technology


Czech Technical University in Prague
Faculty of Civil Engineering, Czech Republic (Vít Lojda, Ing. Ph. D.)

civil engeneering


Program and Scientific Committee of the Special Session and Workshop

Aleksander Sładkowski, Silesian University of Technology
Vít Lojda, Czech Technical University in Prague
Isa Muradov, Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction
Richard Svoboda, Brno University of Technology
Janka Šestáková, University of Žilina


The project is co-financed by the Governments of Czechia, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia through Visegrad Grants from International Visegrad Fund. The mission of the fund is to advance ideas for sustainable regional cooperation in Central Europe.