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Support of the educations activeties for education of young people experts in area bridge construction in the cross-border region.

EDUMOS ITMS: 304011U647



Modern education about enironmental threats than assumption creating new, specialized jobs.

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Trans Tritia

Air Tritia

TransData Inovatívný monitoring a analýza dopravy na cezhraničnej cestnej sieti

Interreg RegiaMobil

Since April 2020 the University of Žilina of a member international of a consortium of seven countries Central Europe have cooperated on at the project REGIAMOBIL Interreg Central Europe Programme supports the implementation of the project under contract number CE1658.

In the during the  project the Univerzity of Žilina will cooperate with the Trenčín region and it will a prepare an action plan for the region on the establishment newinnovative public transport in a little inhabited rural areas than is area Myjava Kopanice.

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