History of FCE UNIZA

The Faculty of Civil Engineering (FCE) was at the University of Žilina in Žilina (UNIZA), dating back to 1st OctoberHo 1953, when the Faculty of Railway Engineering separates from the Czech Technical University in Prague establishing the University of Railways. FCE was one of the five newly-established faculties. During the years 1959 - 1961, the school was dislocated from Prague to Žilina, and it changed to the University of Transport. In 1961, the Faculty of Civil Engineering merged with the Faculty of Transport to establish the Faculty of Transport Operation and Economics (PED). Later in 1977, the faculty has renamed the Faculty of Operation and Economics of Transport and Communications. Renovation of the Faculty of Civil Engineering as an independent subject in 1990, and its dean was prof. Ing. Hynek Šertler, DrSc., who significantly contributed to her future direction.
The development and successful name of the faculty were contributed to by influential personalities in the field of transport structures and applied mechanics, such as prof. V. Koloušek, prof. J. Ducháček, prof. J. Jeřábek, prof. J. Hořejší, prof. M. Pirner, in the field of railway construction prof. F. Klimeš, prof. Z. Jirsák, for bridge construction prof. J. Klimeš, prof. H. Šertler, prof. V. Tomica, for the foundation of buildings and underground structures prof. Streit, prof. Myslivec, prof. Bažant, for road construction prof. J. Čorej and many others.
In 1993 - 1999, prof. Ing. Ján Benčat, CSc. took the dean's wand, and under his successful leadership, the faculty united, found its headquarters at Komenského street no. 52, where departments moved from external workplaces. After him, he successfully led the faculty in the years 1999 - 2002 prof. Ing. Ján Bujňák, CSc., later Rector of UNIZA, realized the reconstruction of the faculty's headquarters and surroundings and launched many domestic and international projects. Another successful period of the faculty continued under the guidance of prof. Ing. Ján Čelko, PhD., who was the dean in the years 2002 - 2010. At the end of his service, the entire faculty moved to the current university campus in Veľký Diel. In the years 2010 - 2018, the dean of SvF was prof. Ing. Josef Vičan, CSc. Under his successful leadership, the reconstruction of laboratories and the UNIZA Research Center was built, and the faculty accredited all its study programs. Since July 2018, prof. Ing. Marián Drusa, Ph.D.

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