Peikko and its cooperation with the University of Žilina, Faculty of Civil Engineering

The Faculty of Civil Engineering of the University of Žilina and the Finnish company Peikko continue their joint activities by signing a memorandum of understanding in Žilina in August this year.

Peikko is a Finnish family-owned company specializing in the development and production of innovative reinforcing and connecting elements for reinforced concrete structures for civil engineering.

The reasons and advantages of mutual cooperation between the partners are the use of the excellent laboratory and testing base of the faculty and the potential in solving partial research topics in the form of a diploma and doctoral theses, where Peikko offers support and access to students for construction, as well as internships in the company.

By signing the Memorandum of cooperation:

  • the network of international cooperation of both partners will be strengthened,
  • will contribute the excellence of our research and its connection with practice,
  • clear advantages and possibilities of application open for students of the Faculty of Civil Engineering UNIZA,
  • the university's position on an international ranking will be strengthened and it will contribute to the quality of research and education.
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