I am an applicant with special needs

In accordance with Section 100 (2) of Act No. 131/2002 Coll. on Higher Education and on the Change and Supplement to Some Acts, the following student shall be considered to be a student with special needs:

a) with sensory, physical and multiple disabilities,
b) with chronic disease,
c) with weakened health,
d) with mental illness,
e) with autism or other pervasive developmental disorders,
f) with learning disorders.

Support services

Student who agrees with the evaluation of his/her special needs is entitled to support services according to the extent and type of his/her special need.

Provision of support services

Especially in the form of the use of specific educational means, individual educational approaches.

Determination of special conditions for fulfilment of study obligations (without reducing the requirements for study performance) and individual approach of teachers.

Remission of tuition fees in justified cases if the standard length of study is exceeded due to a special need.

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