Civil and Environmental Engineering Journal
eISSN: 2199-6512

Editorial policy

Editorial policy CEE/SEI is a scientific-technical journal which includes new reserved articles with relation to architecture, civil engineering, transport structures, environmental engineering, building materials, technology management and their branches.

CEE/SEI issues two times a year.


General clauses

Editorial office accepts contributions in English language not published up to now. Authors are responsible for content and linguistic correctness of contributions.
Published contributions in Civil and Environmental Engineering / Stavebné a environmentálne inžinierstvo journal are salaried.

The fee per article is 480,00 €.

Journal addresses both theoretical developments and practical applications related to civil and environmental engineering. To be acceptable for publication in this journal, a manuscript must address valuable and of significant interest scientific issues for the field of civil and environmental engineering community, free of evident commercial or private interest.

The authors are requested to make sure that appropriate research ethical standards are strictly followed in their work, when submitted to be published by CEE/SEI. The CEE/SEI staff fully supports the authors during the entire evaluation process and is committed to ensure that the ethical standards, related to submittal, review, and publication of manuscripts, will be strictly followed.

The contributions are peer reviewed by skilled experts of relevant branch from universities, research institutes and industrial practice.